Hi there.

I’ve done a bit of writing, and I’ve done a bit of lawyering. I like bits of the latter, and I never found it boring; but needed to discover whether this was worth exploring, and hopefully this book will be the best of my outpourings.

I thought of this idea in the middle of the night, you know – amazing when you haven’t any kids yet, mind’s a dynamo – and thankfully, when I approached her, Jess thought it was worth a go, and Hannah signed up too, and we’ve all chatted for a year or so.

They’ve talked me through their races and their lives, and how their training’s gone. I’ve spoken to their mums and heard some fascinating goings-on; they’ve answered every question and they’ve let me in from early on – so now if this is rubbish, I’ve got nobody to blame it on.

So now the plan is crack on, try to find someone who’ll make a deal to publish it, so we can tell the world exactly how it feels to try your very hardest every day to make the vision real (I’ll stick some stories here, but in the book is where it’s all revealed).

You’ll hear about the help they get from shrinks and dieticians; and what it is exactly that’ll make them great technicians.

In short, in matters mental, physical and as tacticians, they are the very models of our modern day Olympians.


Sorry Arthur.